Adapting to Change

Life Mentoring

Embracing Change

“Bill Mann is gentle giant. He embodies what Abraham Maslow called a “self-actualised” person. Having left the percieved security of the corporate rat race, he successfully built his own business and achieved not just financial security and independece but a quality of life that most people only dream about. Most importantly though, Bill now dedicates his considerable talents and time to helping others by sharing his experience, wisdom and brilliant strategies for understanding and dealing with change. I recommend him unequivocally.”

Steve Bolton

“I approached Bill to ask if he would be my mentor when I was promoted to a senior leadership role in a global payments technology company based in London.

I had two main challenges; I was responsible for an area of the business with no previous background on the subject and I stepped into a senior leadership role in the organisation for the first time.

Bill helped me to simplify the way I looked at problems and to better understand the activities that I needed to perform within the new role. His coaching allowed me to perform confidently in my new role. He always made himself available to listen and support me with my day to day challenges which I found invaluable as I took up this new role.

After a few mentoring sessions I grew into the role and received a lot of positive feedback from team members, peers, other senior managers and stakeholders. Overall, the business benefited from my mentoring relationship with Bill in a way that was visible and measurable. Bill is a great listener, has a calm approach, is extremely pragmatic and has a great way of simplifying complex issues. I see Bill as a lifetime mentor both in work and personal life!”

Yasemin Ekmeckibasi

“Bill has had to cope with some very traumatic events in recent years, and he has shown real strength of character to not let that define him. However, it did define the choices he made in life thereafter. I admire how he took control of his life and focused only what is important to him and his family. He has now re-created a life full of love and focus and I admire how he ‘made it happen’. Bill has a lot of wisdom and mentoring to offer to those seeking similar results”

Jolanda Hibbert

“I cannot imagine the impact of the traumatic changes that Bill has experienced in his life, but he remains the same strong, calm and selfless person I have known for some 20 years. He is one of those people whose presence makes you feel better about things, and can help to bring balance and a sense of perspective to ones own concerns. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill to anyone seeking coaching or mentoring support”

Gary Lawton