Take control, and take time to think

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

Are you a slave to your emotions? After any unexpected event our emotions kick-in before our objective and rational adult brain has a chance to get a word in. Depending on the scale of the event, or more precisely the scale of impact on our plans and our lives, the emotions can rage for a long time, sometimes too long.

We cannot simply switch off our emotions, and it is important that they are allowed to be expressed in a safe environment. Eventually though, our adult brain will look at the implications more dispassionately.  This is a critical turning point – and normally involves an internal dialogue between our emotional inner chimp and our adult brain.  Remember – this is a dialogue – the chimp is not in control and the adult brain can choose to pander to it or simply acknowledge the feelings and move on.

This can result in a fluctuation between emotions and rational thinking. Ultimately the adult brain must be allowed to decide how to respond and how to act. If need be, use distraction to keep emotions under control – go and do something completely different, change your environment, or focus on task that will take all your attention. This will allow your emotions to subside and give your adult brain a chance to deal with events.