How To Keep Calm and Carry On

A survivors guide to coping with change, trauma, and tragedy

Change is constant.  We all face major life changing events such as job change, divorce, re-location, and so on.  Some of us also face traumatic events such as serious injury or life threatening experiences and bereavement. But we face change every day – a cancelled or missed appointment can disrupt our day or our week and lead to the same range of emotions and difficulties in accepting the changes. This book is for anybody struggling to cope with change, wanting to support others, or simply needing an insight so that they can lead others through change.

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Change without pain

Organisational Transformation with Emotional Intelligence

Every organisational change will meet some level of resistance. Many change programmes fail because they cannot overcome this, or simply try to enforce it without the engagement of their staff.  This book is for anyone that wants to lead change the smart way, with emotional intelligence. To minimise, or even avoid, the resistance and ensure success for their change programme.


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