Life Coaching: Bespoke services for individuals

Whether you are facing a life changing event imposed on you, or want to make changes to achieve your dreams, one of these programmes is for you.

The first provides a proven approach for adapting to and learning to embrace change.  It is based on tools and techniques developed by learning the hard way – through first hand experience, and have been used to incredible success. It is based on my personal experience of overcoming a terrorist suicide attack, and becoming a widower with a young family.

The second often follows the former.  It brings together teaching from the worlds greatest motivational speakers and authors, past and present, into a single method for achieving clarity of reason, vision, and goals, and will put on you the path of specific plans and actions to help you on your way. This approach has been proven with huge success – it can transform your life and help you achieve a deep and meaningful happiness.

Facing Change?

Embrace Change!

Happiness: A Lifestyle Design Masterclass