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The Keep Calm Guy

Bill Mann is a leading expert on overcoming personal resistance to change. He is a best selling published author, keynote speaker, and qualified executive coach and mentor.

Bill had an extensive career in Financial Services and IT before traumatic changes forced him to re-build his life. A survivor of the London 7/7 bombings and subsequently a widower with a young family, Bill developed the techniques and strategies to overcome the shock, anger, and resistance. He learnt how to manage his emotions and his thinking to overcome his losses, embrace the opportunities, and move forward.

He now uses his considerable talents to show organizations how to lead change with high levels of emotional intelligence, and show individuals how to face it with resilience and an open mind.

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Every change meets some level of resistance and this is the pivotal point between success and failure. It is the turning point for every business. Let us show you how to overcome this and even avoid it completely.

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Face Up To Change

Change can be unsettling at best, overwhelming at worst. With the right techniques you can manage your emotions and your thinking, to see the opportunities and move forward. We can show you how

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